Yield Farming on PactSwap

After you create the LP pair, you may use it to get profit on Yield Farming. Each farm has a calculated APY, so choose the most attractive one to join.

  1. Find the farm to join.

  2. Connect your wallet and confirm the action in the wallet app or extension.

  3. Add your LP pair to the farm and get your PACT harvest.

  4. Done!

How to collect your profit from Farming?

  1. Find the farm you participate in.

  2. Press the "Harvest" button to get the profit.

  3. Harvested PACT will immediately reflect in your wallet.

How to remove liquidity pairs from the Farm?

  1. Check the farm you participate in.

  2. Press the “Withdraw” button.

  3. Now your LP pair is transferred to your wallet and you may use tokens for other actions.